frequently asked questions

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Q. How long does the process take?

A. It really depends on the type of car and availability but we will always try to do it as quickly as possible.


Q. How can you find the vehicle I want?

A. We complete a Vehicle Checklist with you beforehand which lists the specific details you’re looking for and then agree it with you before we begin our search.


Q. Can I part-exchange my old car?

A. Yes you can and we will endeavour to find the best trade in price for you by contacting a number of our contact dealers. Depending on the car, we may offer it out to our client base first to see if we can get you a higher price.


Q. Do I pay you for the car?

A. No, you pay the seller/dealer directly. We will arrange the whole payment process for you and advise you how to do it securely.


Q. How do I know that you will find exactly the car I want?

A. Until we have found you the exact car we will keep searching for you. Once we have agreed the car, negotiated the price and HPI check carried out we will ask for the funds to be transferred to the seller. If more checks are requested we can arrange this.


Q. When do I pay you?

A. We ask for nothing more than the first £125.00 of the fee upfront, which is non refundable. Everything else including the expenses are paid two days before delivery of the car.


Q. Can you arrange finance for me?

A. Yes we can. We work with many finance companies so will arrange the right finance to suit you. We are committed to treating our clients fairly so arrange finance for you without adding any commission.


Q. What are the expenses?

A. Train fares, fuel and the driver’s time are the most common expenses. If you want certain work carried out on the car before you receive it we can arrange this and this is also considered part of the expenses. All expenses are approved by you beforehand, so there would be no surprises.


Q. What warranty do I get with my car?

A. If purchased through a dealer it will come with their warranty or the manufacturers warranty. Most cars come with a warranty from the manufacturer for the first three years of their life. What the car industry doesn’t want you to know is that once the car is over three years old, aftermarket warranties have very limited coverage and are sometimes worthless. If you want a warranty, we would prefer to recommend a suitable warranty for you to buy.


Q. Do you sell cars on behalf of people too?

A. We will always consider your car and look to see if we can help you sell it.


Q. What do I pay if you are sourcing me a lease car?

A. We only charge a £125.00 arrangement fee per car.


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